Feasibility Study and Remedial Design

The sustainable remediation strategies are based on the relation between the current risk and the anticipated risk triggered by the identified contamination, on future site development plans and on the site added value resulting from the implementation of the remediation project.

Our consulting services related to the identification of remediation solutions include the preparation of a detailed analysis of the site conditions and tailoring of the results to the context in which the respective project is developed. The remediation solutions implemented in coordination with construction works are generally time-constrained and they require intensive supervision and technical assistance for mitigation secondary risks; in certain cases, medium or long term solutions, such as in-situ bioremediation, involve less resources and they can be integrated in phased development projects.

The growing interest of companies in optimizing their investments and mitigating environmental risks in the long run helps us capitalize on the valuable experience acquired by AUDITECO GES by offering our clients economically efficient and technically feasible solutions.