Subsoil Investigation Report

AUDITECO GES has a vast experience in performing intrusive field investigations and in offering environmental remediation consulting services to its clients. It is essential to determine the quality of the soil, subsoil and groundwater in order to understand the risks associated with a potential contamination and to make a decision upon the opportunity of performing remediation works on a contaminated site.

During the development of 100 projects for private companies, we have aimed to determine the quality conditions of the geological environment through an efficient and well-oriented approach, based on collecting relevant data (by sampling the soil, groundwater and surface water, by running chemical laboratory analyses and in-situ tests on the chemical characteristics of the soil and groundwater) associated with the character of the investigated sites.

Our specialists assess the field data with a view to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluating the contamination present on a site and the risks generated by the existence of contamination, in order to support further site remediation works.

AUDITECO GES assesses the contamination of the geological environment by taking into account the following aspects:

  • Identifying the sources and the spread of the contamination;
  • Anticipating environmental risks during land acquisitions;
  • Reducing the major risks on the environment;
  • Fulfilling the environmental obligations of the land owners.