Supervision of Remediation Works

In complex decontamination projects, our specialists ensure full compliance of the remediation works with the applicable legal environmental requirements and the strict observance of the technical conditions imposed by the Contractor in the Project Specifications and in the Decontamination Technical Specification.  

AUDITECO GES offers the following services during the remediation works:

  1. Supervision of the decontamination works, by observing the stages of the Technical Specification and the quality of the works;
  2. Recovery of soil and groundwater samples, labelling, proper storage and transport of the samples to the outsourced laboratory that runs the physical and chemical analyses;
  3. Technical assistance on the field for solving punctual issues that may appear during the works;
  4. Preparation of monthly progress reports;
  5. Visit of the landfills where the contaminated soil is transported and stored (if needed);
  6. Development of the final report, including data certifying that the contaminated field has been brought to its initial status and that the environmental factors meet the legal limits imposed for the future land use.