Vlad Sandu

Vlad Sandu is a Consultant in the company's Technical Department.

Vlad has a Bachelor of Science from the Faculty of Mines, of the University of Petroșani, where he attended specialised courses in "Engineering and Environmental Protection in Industry”. He has also recevied a Master of Science degree in "Anthropic Impact Assessment and Ecological Reconstruction" from the same university.

Vlad has worked as an ecological engineer in the Romanian office of the multinational design and consulting company ARCADIS.  Then he has continued his professional career as a GIS specialist with the multinational company AECOM, where he has provided support for the development of projects in various fields, from environmental protection to road infrastructure. His technical support consisted of preparing various plans, maps, geospatial databases, development of periodic reports, team management and QA\QC checks on deliverables in order to ensure that the quality standards were met.

Vlad is fluent in English and also has basic knowlege of Swedish.