The Presentation Memorandum

The Presentation Memorandum is the technical documentation prepared in order to obtain the Environmental Agreement for public and private projects.

It contains information about the characteristics of the proposed site, the characteristics of the project and the activities to be carried out and the potential environmental impact of the project.

The drafting of a Presentation Memorandum shall comply with the contents of the framework mentioned in Annex 5E of Law 292/2008 on the assessment of the impact of certain public and private projects upon the environment.

Framework content of the Presentation Memorandum

  • Project name
  • Holder
  • Description of the physical characteristics of the whole project
  • Description of the necessary demolition works
  • Description of the project location
  • Description of all possible significant environmental ikmpacts of the project based on the available information
  • Use of natural resources, in particular soil, land, water and biodiversity
  • Sources of pollutants and facilities for containment, discharge and dispersion of pollutants into the environment
  • Description of environmental aspects likely to be significantly affected by the project
  • Provisions for environmental monitoring - facilities and measures foreseen to control the release of pollutants into the environment
  • Link to other legislation and/or plans/programmes/strategies/planning documents
  • Works required for site organisation
  • Site restoration works on completion of the investment, in case of accidents and/or at cessation of activities, if this information is available
  • Annexes - drawings

As part of the procedure for obtaining the Environmental Agreement, AUDITECO can also provide support for the preparation of the Notification for requesting the Environmental Agreement, a documentation to be prepared initially and prior to the Presentation Memorandum.

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