AUDITECO was the first Romanian environmental consulting and audit company that concluded a Professional Indemnity Insurance in Romania to guarantee the quality of its services.

AUDITECO has a Professional Liability Insurance, our company being the first Romanian environmental consulting and auditing company that has guaranteed the quality of its services through such a policy.

We also have a legal insurance policy for the company's own employees and a group personal accident policy.

The reason behind all these measures is simple. Whatever industry you work in, it is important to take responsibility for the services you provide. Professional indemnity insurance gives you the assurance that your professionalism, work and activities will not be questioned.

In addition to prestige, we strongly believe in providing a safe and pleasant working environment for our employees, which is part of AUDITECO's priorities. This is why we believe that these types of insurance are necessary to guarantee our customers that our services are provided to the highest standards.

Field investigations, carrying out environmental audits or providing consultancy for the solution of various environmental problems require the presence of our consultants on site to analyse the situation on the site concerned. Although these are rare and unforeseen situations, in case of errors, omissions or accidents at work, it is important to know that both AUDITECO customers and employees can benefit from the protection offered by these insurances.

Why is professional liability insurance important?

As a professional, you can sometimes be subject to errors, and clients or beneficiaries of our services can be exposed to damage that is difficult to remedy. To ensure the continuity of our professional activity, it is important to have a professional indemnity insurance policy in place. 

Through this insurance, we cover the amounts that can be paid by way of compensation in the event of damages due to fault, in the exercise of our profession, because regardless of the field in which you carry out your professional activity, this implies a responsibility for the services you provide.

The professional indemnity insurance covers your contractual liability towards clients or beneficiaries for damage caused to them as a result of acts or deeds committed through your fault (errors, omissions, own mistakes committed without intent) during and/or in direct connection with the performance of the professional activity for which you are authorised.

Such insurance offers:

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