AUDITECO is a Romanian full-service professional environmental consulting and audit company, founded in 1996.

AUDITECO has dedicated its services mainly to private companies operating in all industrial fields in Romania, supporting them in finding optimal customised solutions to their environmental problems through specialised technical assistance with a view to helping them achieve sustainable development.

In January 2011 our company changed its name into AUDITECO Global Environmental Services in order to highlight the broad range of services offered to our clients, including Occupational Health and Safety coordination and supervision services.

AUDITECO headquarters are located in Bucharest, but we have the flexibility and resources to meet the needs of our clients all over the country.

Our services, appreciated by our clients for their quality and promptness in delivery, are dedicated to improving the environmental performance and cost-effectiveness of the Romanian organizations through mitigation of their environmental impacts and risks, process optimisation and enhanced investment effectiveness.

Our company is active in the development of various environmental projects, contributing to their successful implementation in Romania by sharing its in-depth knowledge of the applicable environmental legislation and of the environmental culture and mentalities of Romanian companies. AUDITECO GES offers you the guarantee of technical excellence and flexibility in dealing with your environmental problems, being also certified in compliance with the Romanian legislation in force.

AUDITECO is more than a thoroughly professional company. AUDITECO has the right team of experts able to assist you in finding the right sustainable solutions to your environmental problems and implementing them at the right moment.

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