Environmental protection

Environmental protection refers to any activity to maintain or restore the quality of natural areas by preventing emissions of pollutants or reducing the presence of pollutants in nature. The quality of our environment has a direct impact on our well-being, because a cleaner and pollution-free environment is healthier, safer and more pleasant.

What is the environment

The environment is a system made up of natural and man-made elements that are interconnected and are modified by human action. The environment affects the way society lives, including the natural, social and cultural values that exist in a place and time, and its preservation is essential for the sustainable life of present and future generations. As human societies grow and urban settlements expand, the environment is also modified by human actions and developments, often leading to serious environmental damage. Therefore, environmental responsibility should be a priority in all aspects of our activities, making a commitment to continuously reduce our environmental impact by reducing toxic emissions into the environment and the use of natural resources and energy. To achieve the goals of "a better life" and "a sustainable environment", each of us must undertake certain activities to help conserve nature and protect the environment: - Prevent negative impacts on the environment; - Reduce polluting emissions; - Reduce waste; - Improve the state of the environment by systematically setting environmental objectives and programmes; - Reduce the impact of products and services on the environment; - Strive to prevent environmental pollution. - Minimise energy consumption and reuse materials in an economically viable way. Measures to protect the environment against pollution - H2 Pollution is a complex of phenomena that has changed or tends to change the environment to the detriment of the natural ecological balance and at the same time represents a major threat to human health. Pollution consists of the pollution of the environment with various substances called pollutants due to human activities. In order to protect the environment, the Auditeco GES environmental agency fulfils its mission as a saviour by proposing solutions to protect the environment and exercising the following tasks: - prevents environmental degradation; - requires persons engaged in polluting activities to progressively improve the environment; - facilitates the implementation of national environmental protection measures in accordance with national legislation; - ensures regular monitoring and reporting of environmental quality; - coordinates activities necessary to protect, restore or improve the environment - establishes a process for investigating and, where appropriate, remediating areas where contamination causes or is likely to cause a significant risk to human health or the environment. agentia de mediu Auditeco GES isi indeplineste aceasta misiune, de salvator, prin propunearea unor solutii de protejare a mediului si exercitarea urmatoarelor atributii: · previne degradarea mediului; · solicita persoanelor care se angajeaza in activitati poluante sa imbunatateasca progresiv mediul; · faciliteaza punerea in aplicare a masurilor nationale de protectie a mediului in conformitate cu legislația nationala; · asigura monitorizarea si raportarea regulata a calitati mediului; · coordoneaza activitatile necesare pentru protejarea, restaurarea sau imbunatatirea mediului · stabileste un proces de investigare și, dupa caz, de remediere a zonelor in care contaminarea cauzeaza sau este probabil un risc semnificativ pentru sanatatea umana sau pentru mediu.

Environmental protection solutions

Understanding the importance of nature and biodiversity to our own well-being can really help us help nature. We can all try to contribute to protecting our environment, reducing our ecological footprint, conserving nature and connecting with it. Auditeco GES Environmental Agency specializes in identifying environmental solutions that are optimal for solving an organization's environmental compliance problems, developing compliance programs (measures, responsibilities, deadlines, costs) and assisting in negotiating compliance programs with the environmental authority. Auditeco's environmental protection solutions - aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated and discharged into the environment - include source reduction, selective collection, recycling, reuse and limiting the need to treat waste constituents.

The name AUDITECO was created through the abbreviation of two key words: "audit" and "ecology", which reflect the core of our business.


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