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Regulatory compliance and awareness are essential to a successful Environmental and Health & Safety (EHS) management. This could be a challenge given the large and complex regulatory framework in Romania and the frequent changes in the legislation that could have an impact upon different type of activities and products.

AUDITECO GES can help you with:

  • Tracking, interpreting and advising on the current EHS applicable legislation. This will allow your company to identify and manage compliance risks (such as fines resulting from prosecutions from authorities and/ or unforeseen costs).
  • Interpreting and advising on the future EHS proposed regulatory requirements that could have an impact upon your activities, before new EHS obligations come into force. This will allow you to understand and anticipate the future obligations and incorporate those into your business plans.

We deliver personalized legal registers, reviews of regulations, regulatory updates and training to facilitate the understanding of your legal responsibilities and to make sure you have systems in place to ensure compliance.

A Legal Register usually contains information on the applicable Romanian (and EU regulations), with citations of articles and comments to ensure compliance with legal requirements. This can be extended and personalized based on the needs of the company for an easier understanding and tracking or it can be structured to fit with the requirements of a software used by the company for internal tasks tracking and auditing.

The Legal Register can be also extended at the client request with the requirements of its management systems and permits’ requirements.

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