Detailed Investigation and
Risk Aassessment Report

A Detailed Investigation and Risk Assessment stage aims to confirm the presence of contamination and its concentration levels. This stage also aims to estimate whether the identified pollutants can negatively impact the environment

Law no. 74/2019 mentions that the owner of a potentially contaminated site or a company running its operations on a potentially contaminated site must perform a Detailed Investigation and Risk Assessment if:

  • the results of the Preliminary Investigation Report indicate the need for the potentially contaminated site to undergo the Detailed Investigation and Risk Assessment stage;
  • the present or future land use of a potentially contaminated site is sensitive;
  • if a site had been previously occupied by a landfill, which has been closed and monitored according to the current legal provisions on waste storage;
  • whenever the local environmental protection agency requests it;
  • when accidents leading to an environmental contamination happen, after removing the contamination source and the spilled contaminants.

During the development of 100 projects for private companies, AUDITECO has aimed at determining the quality conditions of the geological environment through an efficient and well-oriented approach, based on collecting relevant data (by sampling the soil, groundwater and surface water, by running chemical laboratory analyses and in-situ tests on the chemical characteristics of the soil and groundwater) associated with the character of the investigated sites. Our specialists assess the field data with a view to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluating the contamination present on a site and the risks generated by the existence of contamination, in order to support further site remediation works.

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