Technical Documentation for Obtaining the Wastewater Discharge Permit

The technical documentation necessary for obtaining the Wastewater Discharge Permit for a site is developed in compliance with the current requirements of the sewerage services company.

What is a Wastewater Discharge Permit?

The Wastewater Discharge Permit represents a written document issued by the operator of the sewerage service, through which the operator undertakes to provide the sewerage service to a user and which defines the quantitative and qualitative conditions and parameters of domestic and/or industrial wastewater discharged into the public sewerage network. Domestic wastewater is wastewater resulting from the use of water in households, public institutions and services. Domestic wastewater is produced as a result of human metabolism and from various sanitary facilities. Industrial wastewater results from industrial and commercial activities or it can be generated through a different use of water, other than domestic water.

Wastewater discharged in the public sewerage network must comply with the conditions specified in the Wastewater Discharge Consent, the conditions specified in the water/sewerage contract, as well as the conditions mentioned by the technical regulations in force.

The legal framework of a Wastewater Discharge Permit

The legal framework consists of the following legal acts:

  • Law no. 241/2006 on water supply and sewerage services;
  • Government Decision no. 352/2005 modifying and completing Government Decision no. 188/2002 for the approval of some norms concerning the conditions of wastewater discharge in the aquatic environment. Government Decision no. 352/2005 is the main regulation on the basis of which the Wastewater Discharge Permit is issued;
  • Government Decision no. 188/2002 approving the norms concerning the conditions of wastewater discharge in the aquatic environment, which approves:
    • Normative NTPA-001/2002 concerning the determination of pollutant concentration limits of industrial and municipal wastewater discharged into natural receivers. The normative establishes the general quality conditions of all wastewater categories, prior to their evacuation in natural receivers, as well as the admissible limit values of the main quality indicators of these waters;
    • Normative NTPA-002/2002 concerning the conditions for discharging wastewater in public sewerage networks and directly in wastewater treatment plants. The normative establishes the conditions which must be observed when discharging wastewater in public sewerage networks, or, when necessary, the conditions which must be observed when discharging wastewater in sewerage networks owned by private entities and connected to the municipal sewerage networks in order to ensure the protection and regular service of both public and private sewerage networks, as well as to protect the environment from the negative effects of wastewater discharges;
    • Technical Norms NTPA-011/2002 concerning the collection, treatment and discharge of urban wastewater.

Obtain you Wastewater Discharge Permit with AUDITECO

This technical documentation prepared by AUDITECO will include the following elements: Presentation and Declaration Memorandum, an Accidental Pollution Prevention and Intervention Plan, which must be approved and signed by the client organization (developed according to the provisions of Ministry Order no. 278/1997) and a list of users connected to the internal sewerage network (if it is the case). The client organization must also make available the layout of water and sewerage networks.

The applicable Romanian legislation gives the right to the water and sewerage companies to request the site owner to provide with additional documentations, studies, analytical results, function of the specific site conditions, the specifics of the site activities that are subject to the authorization procedure, etc.

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