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Differentiation through quality

For 27 years, the top-notch services we have been providing to our customers have become a competitive advantage and have helped us differentiate AUDITECO from competitors by providing an enhanced customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

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This strategy has also helped us build a reputation for excellence that has encouraged customer loyalty and repeat purchases. We tailor our services to meet their needs and expectations. Our employees achieve that through a thorough understanding of client preferences and needs and we strive to provide services that are tailored to their specific requirements. We aim each time to provide them with a superior experience and fast response times. Our team focuses on building great relationships with our clients by creating a sense of value and by anticipating their needs beforehand, and the result is that over time they have become our loyal customers.

Significant Experience

In 27 years of operation, AUDITECO has accumulated significant experience in complex local and international projects, providing environmental services for Romanian and foreign clients. We take pride ourselves in applying high quality standards and strictly respecting deadlines and commitments.

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AUDITECO holds unique products on the Romanian environmental market (patents, software, etc.) developed by our own specialists or in collaboration with associated experts.

Our company promotes innovative environmental solutions that take into account, adapt and apply the latest developments inf the field.


For over a quarter of a century, AUDITECO has been working for leading multinational firms and are involved in highly sensitive land and corporate M&A projects. Confidentiality is a vital aspect in any business transaction and for AUDITECO it is an essential element that we take into account very seriously in all the projects we carry out.

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All our employees are trained to pay close attention to confidentiality issues in the projects they develop, ensuring that sensitive information they access remains private and is not disclosed to unauthorized parties. This extremely strict conduct has helped and continues to help us build trust and maintain the integrity of business relationships with our partners.

To ensure confidentiality in business transactions, we take appropriate measures to protect sensitive information. These may include signing a confidentiality agreement/NDA, limiting access to confidential information on a need-to-know basis, and using secure communication channels such as encrypted email and file sharing platforms.

Top Environmental Experts

The AUDITECO team of full-time experts provide an equilibrated pool of experienced specialists and young, enthusiastic environmental engineers, with multidisciplinary backgrounds (environmental engineering, hydrotechnics, geography, land reclamation, power engineering, fluids mechanics).

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Our consultants successfully combine their professional experience in Romania with the expertise acquired in other European countries, having proven their capacity to meet our Clients’ expectations for high quality services.

They have a good command of English and they have published environmental books and articles in Romania and abroad.

Fast response and flexibility

One of AUDITECO competitive advantages is our fast reaction in solving our clients’ requests. Flexibility and adaptability are two of our major strength points, which have brought along the appreciation and loyalty of our clients.

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From the moment we have received a request for proposal, we try to most efficiently identify our role and the best ways to provide a fast and efficient solution to the needs of our clients.

We have proven to be capable of finding optimised solutions to team up and plan projects in order to urgently finalise the contracted works when our clients demand it.

Professional insurance policies

As an additional guarantee for the services it offers, AUDITECO has the following insurances in place:

  • Professional Indemnity and Third-Party Insurance Policy of 1,000,000 EUR;

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  • Employer’s Liability Insurance Policy of 1,000,000 EUR;
  • Group Personal Accidents Insurance Policy of 30,000 EUR.

Global environmental services


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Environmental audits


Compliance and authorisation studies


ISO 14001 EMS projects


Remediation Projects

Whether it's environmental consulting, water management, waste management, expert advice or environmental solutions, AUDITECO is the company to call! AUDITECO sets the quality standards on the environmental services market in Romania, efficiently combining local and international experience of over 27 years with the ability to react quickly to client requests and implement unique solutions on the local environmental consulting market.

Romanian companies and foreign investors in need of efficient and sustainable environmental services collaborate with AUDITECO due to the attention that the multidisciplinary teams of experts ensure in applying the highest quality standards and strict compliance with deadlines and commitments.

Through its environmental consultancy services, AUDITECO ensures that the environmental protection law in force will be respected, as well as finding and applying the most effective environmental protection measures!

Environmental protection and cost efficiency solutions for the protection and preservation of the environment:

  • Water management - environmental protection measures against pollution and water management optimization solutions that AUDITECO recommends aim to identify the most efficient solutions to reduce water consumption and pollutant concentrations in discharged wastewater;
  • Waste management - the approach that AUDITECO proposes aims to reduce the amount of waste generated and discharged into the environment, outsourcing consultancy services on waste management, recovery or efficient disposal;
  • Renewable energy - environmental consultancy services in this area involve identifying potential sites for renewable energy investment projects and carrying out specific environmental investigations and studies;
  • Implementation of Integrated Management Systems: ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 - AUDITECO consultants provide technical assistance in the implementation process of various integrated management systems by applying efficient data management software solutions;
  • Specialized consultancy - AUDITECO experts provide specialized technical assistance to solve various environmental problems of companies, including mediation of relations with competent authorities.

By consistently and effectively applying environmental consulting strategies, AUDITECO GES aims to turn companies' concern for environmental protection into a competitive advantage in the sectors where they operate. AUDITECO GES' multidisciplinary team of experts providing environmental consultancy has international experience and uses methodologies aligned with the latest EU regulations on environmental protection and conservation.

Why is environmental protection important?

One of the major challenges we face in this age is protecting the environment for the benefit of future generations. The amount of plastics consumed is increasing the pollution level of the sea waters; constantly, the number of plant and animal species that end up on the endangered species list is increasing. Industrial emissions are on the same upward trend, directly affecting the air we breathe. The list of what directly affects our environment and therefore our lives is long, but the most important thing is that we can make a change, we can change the way everything evolves.

To change the course of these events and increase environmental protection, AUDITECO takes action and provides everything you need to take action. Environmental protection should be a responsibility linked to everyday operations.

Our Team

Cicerone IONESCU

CEO & Founder


Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Field Investigation Manager

Lavinia VULPE

Compliance Assurance Manager


AUDITECO has a network of reliable partners that deliver services complementary to ours: performance of environmental drilling works, of chemical and physical analyses, development of noise assessments, engineering design etc. Our partners observe the quality services standards required by our company and provide a fast response to our requests.

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