Cement Manufacturer
Environmental Compliance Audit

Client: Confidential, France

Location: Republic of Moldova

AUDITECO was retained by a multinational consulting company to perform a comprehensive Environmental Legal Compliance Audit for a cement manufacturing plant.

Our previous experience and understanding of the Moldovan regulations were valuable advantages for the success of the audit process. 

The audit process included visual inspections of the various processes at the plant and within the nearby limestone quarry, and a final comprehensive presentation of audit findings and recommendations. The compliance status of the facility was assessed against applicable Moldovan environmental regulations and corporate environmental standards and objectives. Particular challenges faced by the audited facility were related to the foreseen changes and alignment of the Moldovan environmental regulatory framework with stricter European standards.

Services offered

EHS Compliance Audit

The name AUDITECO was created through the abbreviation of two key words: "audit" and "ecology", which reflect the core of our business.


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