Organisational Culture

Nature does not ask us for favours. Nature offers us opportunities.



We believe that our role is to:

  • help our clients become winners, turning the protection of the environment from an expensive liability into an economic benefit; and
  • support the growth of our employees into highly qualified experts, providing them with a well-balanced working environment that offers interesting growth paths and challenging professional opportunities.


We would like to be the preferred local environmental partner of foreign investors who request high quality environmental services to develop their investment projects on the Romanian market. 

We believe that:

  • sustainable development is not a Utopian concept but an imperative that soon everybody will have to take into account;
  • sustainable development will significantly change most of the current industrial and social practices;
  • if you follow the sustainable development principles you will be the winner of tomorrow;
  • if you do not anticipate in due time the changes triggered by sustainable development and you do not implement preventive actions, you will be one of the losers of tomorrow.


The values we share and promote are:

  • being corect and keeping our promises  towards our clients and employees;
  • flexibility and adaptibility;
  • professional attitude towards our clients and fast reaction to their requests;
  • continuous improvement of our company's performance by increasing the quality of our services and offering new services demanded by the market;
  • encouraging and supporting our employees' continuous professional development and personal growth.


To achieve the above, we are committed to :

  • providing our services by holding high regard for: Honesty, Client, Quality and Confidentiality;
  • being prepared to offer our clients more than they are prepared to demand;
  • taking steps not only to be chosen by clients but to be able ourselves to choose our clients;
  • not promising less than we can do, not doing less than we have promised;
  • surpassing our competitors by surpassing our own performance;
  • offering our employees a harmonious and challenging working environment and proper conditions for personal and professional development in order to be permanently up to date with the latest best practices in the field.