Real Estate Developer
Remedial Design and Soil Remediation

Client: Real-estate developer, Romania

Location: Bucharest, Romania

AUDITECO was retained by an important real estate developer operating in Romania, to provide integrated site investigation, technical design and soil remediation services at a former industrial site located in the northern part of Bucharest, Romania. The site was partly demolished, it had not been operational for several years and was intended for a future redevelopment as a residential compound. Environmental liabilities were previously agreed with the local environmental authorities and referred to remedial actions in areas where concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons exceeded the applicable thresholds, for an approximate volume of 2,000 m3 of contaminated soil. AUDITECO GES was commissioned to prepare the technical solution and design for the remediation works and provide further assistance in the selection of the general contractor and in the implementation of the remediation project.

The proposed alternative was on-site landfarming remediation with controlled moisture and aeration. A temporary on-site concrete platform with leachate collection and filtering system was designed and built to allow for the gradual application and handling of contaminated soil; the platform was operational for a period of three months. Based on a full-scale soil sampling plan implemented throughout the operation of the platform, concentrations of hydrocarbons averaging approximately 2,000 mg/kg were gradually decreased below the threshold of 500 mg/kg applicable to the future intended use of the site.

Project deliverables included the preparation of a comprehensive report on remediation works and submittal of remediation results to the local environmental authority for a final site inspection. An official confirmation letter was issued by the environmental authority.

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