Cicerone IONESCU

Cicerone Ionescu is Managing Director of AUDITECO Global Environmental Services.

Cicerone Ionescu is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics, Bucharest University and has a Ph.D. degree in Hydraulics and Environmental Protection from the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest and Institute of Mechanics of Fluids in Toulouse, France.

Cicerone has over 40 years of experience in the field of environmental protection as an expert, consultant, trainer, manager, team builder, and specialist in projects implemented in Romania, France and Hungary.

He was Director of the Environmental Consulting Department of KPMG Romania and worked as a senior researcher at the Research and Development Institute for Environmental Engineering (ICIM) in Bucharest.

Cicerone has significant experience in coordinating environmental remediation works as part of complex real estate development projects. He has a vast expertise in developing various types of environmental audits (due diligence, legal and corporate compliance, EMS internal audits), in implementing environmental management system in conformance with ISO 14001, in offering technical assistance for solving a large range of environmental issues: water management, waste management, environmental cost-benefit analyses, management and assessment of environmental projects, fluid mechanics, EU and Romanian environmental legislation and in developing all environmental studies in compliance with the Romanian applicable legislation. 

Cicerone was an expert of the European Commission for environmental project appraisals within the program” LIFE Environment/Products (Eco-labelling)” in 2002, 2014 and 2015 and evaluated more than 100 international environmental projects submitted to the Products/Eco-labelling Panel of DG Environment with a view to obtaining international funding.

Cicerone has extensive experience in raising public awareness and in the relation with the media on environment-related issues (he has written a series of EMS related articles published in a permanent column in one of the most famous Romanian economic weekly,” Adevarul Economic” and has given numerous interviews in the mass media). He is the author of the first Romanian specialised book on EMS implementation: “How to Build and Implement an Environmental Management System”, Economic Printing House, Bucharest, 2000 and” Environmental Management. ISO 14001:2004 – The Way to Excellence” Economic Printing House, Bucharest, 2005.

He is the co-author of methodological guidelines for the development of environmental impact assessment and has written more than 50 specialised articles published in Romanian and foreign magazines.

He has participated in international projects in collaboration with experts from USA, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, UK, Norway, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Sweden.

He is an associate professor of the Faculty of Geography of Bucharest University.

Cicerone is fluent in English and French.