Aeronautics Manufacturer
Technical Documentation for Obtaining the Integrated Environmental Authorisation

Client: Aeronautics manufacturer

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Sector: Aeronautics

AUDITECO was retained by Turbomecanica to prepare the Technical documentation for obtaining the Integrated Environmental Authorisation for the activities performed at the site in Bucharest.

A site visit was performed in order to obtain all the necessary information for the study.

The Site Report was prepared according to the provisions of the General Technical Guide approved by MO 36/2004 and the Request Form was filled in according to the provisions of MO 818/2002. The technical documentation was developed in order to describe the existing site conditions (including the level of contamination existing on-site) subject to authorisation and represents a benchmark document when the activities are ceased.

The documentation was submitted to the Bucharest Environmental Protection Agency. AUDITECO sustained the technical documentation during the public debate and during the CAT meetings organised by the competent environmental authority.

After reviewing the Technical documentation during CAT meetings, the Environmental Protection Agency issued the Integrated Environmental Authorisation.

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