Automotive Manufacturer
Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audit

Client: Confidential, USA

Location: Western and Eastern Romania

AUDITECO was retained by multinational consulting company from USA to perform a comprehensive EHS legal and corporate compliance audit for the Romanian facilities of a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry, as part of its global corporate audit program. The program is based on a four-year audit cycle, and AUDITECO has provided support in the program ever since 2007.

The audit process included thorough site inspections, interviews with relevant EHS and engineering personnel, and on-site reporting of audit findings. The compliance status of each facility was assessed against applicable Romanian EHS regulations and corporate EHS standards. Particular challenges faced by audited facilities were related to maintaining high occupational health and safety standards in a labour-intensive work environment and assuring ever-better quality of their wastewater streams.

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EHS Compliance Audit

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