Waste Management

The AUDITECO specialists have a vast experience in providing consulting services for the improvement and optimisation of organisations’ waste management practices.
In Romania the waste management activity is regulated by Law no. 211/2011, which transposes a number of Council of Europe directives.

The principles of the AUDITECO waste management approach are the following:

  • Reduction of the waste generated and disposed of in the environment, including reduction at source, separate waste collection, recycling, reuse and limitation of the necessity to treat the waste streams;
  • Externalisation of the services related to waste inventory, including package waste;
  • Identification of efficient recovery and/or disposal of waste generated by various types of activities;
  • Adaptation of the management practices in order to meet legal compliance related to waste management.

The Importance of Waste Management in Modern Society:

Waste management has become an essential priority in modern society, and AUDITECO is deeply committed to providing innovative and effective solutions for sustainable waste management. In an ever-changing world, where natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce and environmental impacts are intensifying, waste management plays a crucial role in protecting human health, ecosystems and the aesthetics of our communities.

The concept of waste management encompasses a complex range of activities, from the initial collection of waste and its safe transport to specialised treatment, intelligent recycling and controlled storage. The main aim of this complex process is to reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment and to save valuable natural resources by reusing recoverable parts of waste.

European Regulations and Directives:

As mentioned above, in Romania this area is regulated by Law 211 2011, which brings into the national legal landscape a series of directives issued by the Council of Europe. This provides a solid framework for waste management in accordance with European standards, thus promoting the sustainable and responsible development of our country.

Within the specialist field of waste management, AUDITECO is distinguished by its comprehensive and results-oriented approach to quality. We implement a number of strategies designed to contribute to environmental protection si la optimizarea proceselor de gestionarea deseurilor. Prin promovarea principiilor de reducere la sursa, colectare selectiva, reciclare, refolosire si valorificare, AUDITECO isi propune sa minimizeze impactul asupra ecosistemelor fragile.

Specialized Waste Management Consulting Services:

The company also offers specialised consultancy services in waste management, including packaging waste. Outsourcing these essential services to experts AUDITECO le permite multor companii sa se concentreze pe activitatile lor de baza, in timp ce se asigura ca gestionarea deseurilor este in conformitate cu reglementarile legale si cu cele mai bune practici in domeniu.

Another crucial aspect of AUDITECO's approach is the continuous exploration of efficient ways to recover or dispose of waste from various activities. AUDITECO's team of specialists carefully analyses the characteristics of each type of waste and develops tailor-made strategies to reduce their environmental impact and to make the most of available resources.

Our approach to waste management is distinguished by adapting our management practices to evolving legal requirements. Our expertise in the field enables us to offer integrated and sustainable solutions that not only comply with existing regulations but also anticipate new directions in environmental legislation.
In addition to the aspects mentioned above, AUDITECO takes a proactive approach to waste management, promoting education and awareness among its online communities and customers. We understand that sustainable change starts with information and active involvement, and this is reflected in our consultancy services and the awareness raising modalities we develop.

We not only offer solutions for existing waste management, but also work with each client to identify waste sources and develop strategies to reduce waste at source. By promoting responsible consumption practices and reducing unnecessary packaging, AUDITECO contributes to creating a sustainable chain that minimises the need for waste management.

Waste management in a corporate business environment is essential for many reasons, bringing with it significant benefits in terms of sustainability, reputation and operational efficiency.

The first and most obvious advantage of efficient waste management is its contribution to protecting the environment. By reducing the amount of waste generated, practising selective collection and promoting recycling, companies can reduce the negative impact on ecosystems and natural resources. This not only improves the quality of the environment, but also demonstrates the organisation's commitment to social responsibility and sustainable values. Find out more about how a environmental audit as part of your waste management strategy.

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