Societatea noastra, Black Sea Oil & Gas (BSOG), a decis ca firma AUDITECO sa devina consultantul de mediu pentru toate etapele Midia Onshore Natural Gas Development Project and will obtain all the regulatory documents in terms of environmental protection for the successful start-up in 2019 of the entire Midia project, a complex project structured on several objectives and components.

AUDITECO's team of experts involved in the delivery of the above-mentioned services have shown a high level of professionalism, promptness and seriousness, strictly respecting the deadlines imposed by the competent environmental authority. The environmental consultants stood out both for their experience, but also for a very good communication and collaboration with the BSOG representatives.

Based on the performance and quality of AUDITECO's services, we recommend this environmental consulting company to parties interested in services where accuracy and a high level of quality must prevail.


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